Design Your Website

The Design Your Website Beginner Course is, as its name suggests a beginner-friendly web designing course for kids, ideal for children who are just learning to code and want to express themselves. The course teaches children about Google Apps as well as HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.


3 - 4 months


Beginner - Advanced

About the course

The Cyber Square Design Your Website is a course on website designing simplified for kids from the age of 7+. This course is intended at developing the kid’s creativity through web designing, which is a high-value tech skill. The course will start by laying a clear foundation on the working of the web so that kids understand why there is a need for a website. They will learn how to structure web pages using HTML, implement CSS, and more. Besides these, the kids will be able to learn web hosting, visual coding, photo editing with Pixlr, and JavaScript.

Course Packages

Design Your Website beginner

Duration: 3 Months, 24 Sessions

Design Your Website Beginner Course is a beginner-friendly web designing course for kids, perfect for kids who are starting out in coding with space for accommodating their creativity. The course teaches kids about Google Apps and introduces them to HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap.

Key Learnings
  • Create and host website using google sites.
  • Create Web pages using HTML & CSS.
  • Google Suite - Docs, Sheets, Slides.
  • Creating customized images for webpages.

Fee 1500 AED

1197 AED

Design Your Website Advanced

Duration: 4 Months, 32 Sessions

The Design Your Website Advanced Course is an easy web design course for kids that addresses the advanced concepts of web designing and promotes kids in developing their own projects. This course can be easily taken up by kids who have completed our Design Your Website Beginners Course. The course teaches kids the basics of Python programming, Python Desktop Applications, Develop Mobile Application, and create Python Games.

Key Learnings
  • Create Web pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Create blogs using wordpress.
  • HTML, FTP, Web Hosting

Fee 2000 AED

1596 AED

Your kid will

Learn about Google Apps & Sites

Kids will learn how to use G suite, how to build Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides, as well as how to create and customize sites using Google sites.

Create their own Videos

Kids will learn video creation using biteable, pixlr, as well as how to import an image for editing and text formatting,

Learn Wordpress & Bootstrap

Kids will learn about WordPress, how to host a HTML website. The basics of bootstrap will also be taught, as well as how to construct web apps.

Know HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Kids will learn how to use sublime text editor, HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well as how to build a website.

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