Expect More Future-Proof Jobs Soon in the UAE.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai announced the commencement of a new campaign called the Dubai Digital Authority in his tweet on July 10, 2021. Furthermore, the investment for the initiative has increased from 1.5 billion Dh to 4 billion Dh. Further, Golden Visas have been promised to the 100,000 most famous developers in the group.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid commanded the UAE government to support national and international coding talent; to collaborate with legal sectors, businesses, investments, universities, and research centers on coding-related initiatives and projects that result in the promotion of national cadres’ skills; and to update legislative laws in a way that allows for the promotion of national cadres’ skills.

This is made accessible to both UAE nationals and non-residents intending to attract the best of the best coders with excellence in the field of coding. This announcement is in line with the UAE’s efforts to establish 1,000 major digital companies over the next five years to grow the country’s digital market and lay the groundwork for innovation and creativity capable of keeping up with a rapid global change in a variety of critical industries.

Why This Matters

Historically, technological advancement has resulted in greater productivity, for example, via the automation of routine tasks. Technological advancements have led to significant reductions or layoffs of employees who are no longer required. Employment is growing to the point that some predictions indicate that two-thirds of the jobs performed by our children will likely cease to exist in the future.

Job needs and possibilities are evolving, and our global workforce must adapt to meet these new demands and opportunities. Digital upgrading is a popular topic, regardless of whether a person is a professional or not. As life expectancy increases, an increasing proportion of the workforce may discover that retiring at 65 is no longer viable, creating lifelong opportunities for new employment and skill development.

Golden visas were formerly reserved for investors, entrepreneurs, exceptional students, and science-related professions. Within the scope of the national program for programmers, up to 100,000 individuals from all countries who have shown achievement and expertise in the areas of coding and information technology will now be eligible to apply for the UAE’s Golden Visa. This may attract a large number of people who like coding and are interested in careers in the programming sector. This shows that even the UAE sees coding as a critical technology available at the moment.

National Coders Program

The project, overseen by the UAE Artificial Intelligence Office, aims to support national efforts and objectives in the UAE, in order to enhance large creative enterprises’ capacity to acquire global digital competence. The programme allows coding firms, business owners and start-ups to be involved in a variety of major digital advancements in the sector. It enables collaboration with governmental and trade organizations, both in the UAE and across the globe, to create ideas for projects as a whole.

National Coders has five ideas: support for programmers, businesses, start up firms and academics; create a comprehensive platform to connect coders from local companies and Universities; begin international training initiatives to enhance local talent efficiency across the globe and attract top staff.

In addition to famous programmers, independent enterprises, local start-ups and global coding firms, many government organizations contribute to develop innovative solutions based on code. It also promotes the development of Emirati young people’s coding abilities as well as research and identification of local and global market needs and the continuous enhancement of cooperation with the academic sector.

The National Code Program of Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum would give gold visas to the most popular 100,000 programmers in the world. It will also provide entrepreneurs and programmers with a range of options for financing, assist to develop new projects and ideas and to build digital companies that enhance the national economy’s worldwide competitiveness.

The second part will inspire programmers worldwide to come up with creative solutions to 100 political, economic, technological, healthcare and services challenges in order to speed up the adoption of modern technologies. The project will also organize 10 hackathons, bringing together top programmers to help build a state-of-the-art integrated system for the UAE.

A global campaign will begin to demonstrate the pioneering efforts of the UAE in recruiting the best coding talent in the globe. It will highlight the need to provide unique service and seamless experience to attract programmers to return to the UAE in pursuit of job opportunities and startups.

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