UAE to Create 1,000 Digital Companies Through 100,000 Digital Coders in 2021

The ruler of UAE in his tweet mentioned the commencement of the Dubai Digital Authority on July 10. The initiative’s investments have also been increased from 1.5 billion Dh to 4 billion Dh. Additionally, the most famous 100,000 Golden Visas programmers were offered. The tweet further says that in collaboration with Google, Microsoft and other big name tech companies the project was launched.

The Sheik issued commands to promote the advancement of national and international programming skills by all government bodies in the UAE, to work with lawmakers, accelerators, investment firms, academic institutions hubs to support national coding projects and initiatives and to update legislation accordingly.

The programme, which seeks to invite all highly qualified programmers from all sections, is open to everyone across the globe. This remark is in line with local efforts in the next five years to build one thousand major digital companies in the United Arab Emirates, develop their digital market and provide the foundations for innovation and creativity to respond to rapid global change in a variety of important industries.

What is a Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa is basically a residential long-term program for a limited set of individuals. The government of the UAE grants golden visas to entrepreneurs, investors, fine students with promising scientific skills, talents and experts in a broad range of technology and information industries.

The Golden Visa will be adopted by the UAE in 2019. The Golden Visa allows foreigners to study, live and work in the country and have complete ownership of the mainland. The visa which is valid upto 10 years is automatically renewed.

Procedures and Standards for Applications

Coders of all nations and ages are entitled through the UAE Artificial Intelligence Office (AIO), or the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship to apply for a UAE Golden Visa.

Government agencies responsible for awarding golden visas to qualified programmers must apply. Exceptional experts and talents who have succeeded in a number of coding areas are qualified. Individuals working for state-of-the-art multinationals, software engineering, computer science, hardware engineering, IT, artificial intelligence, data science, and big data businesses;

The plan concentrates on key coders, innovators, start-ups, big firms, and academia, creating a strong network for coders to communicate and interact businesses and institutions. Recruiting such developers can assist students in the UAE better coordinate their coding efforts like coding for kids . It also collaborates with a number of government entities and makes recommendations for improvements in the sector of coding.

Need For Coders

As the digital age draws near, the world speeds up its shift to automation. The need for programmers is also on the rise. Helping your kid learn programs from an early age offers them enough chances to practice and develop their skills over time. Corporate employers are not looking for people who are diligent to work for them; they are looking for people who are able to develop systems to simplify their job. This is where different programming tasks come into play.

Every business worth its salt thus wants a piece of it. Machine learning and easy access allow companies to remain efficient, which in turn allows them to stay on the run. A programmer’s participation is essential here; they are the ones that develop and execute the ideas of these companies. All major industries, including health care, business and education, start to integrate artificial intelligence into their operations to enhance services while retaining a healthy profit margin.

Big data is another important factor that will harm businesses in the future. Big Data is just a huge gathering of user data from their devices. For instance, your YouTube and Netflix viewing history as well as your Google, Amazon search history and any other shopping site are regarded as part of big data. Businesses use this data to better understand and provide better services to their customers and to customize their goods for the target user group. A real life example of large data used for commercial reasons is an ad for a product you’ve already searched at when browsing through Facebook or Instagram. In its “tailored advertising” business, Google benefits from this Big Data.

Unrelated companies also use big data to study and predict customer behavior. That is why employment opportunities are anticipated to grow considerably for programmers in companies in the future. A programmer develops Hadoop applications and the actual coding of the software.

According to, computers account for 71 per cent of all new STEM jobs. However, just 8% of them graduated with an IT degree. Young people today, if they learn to code early, may readily fill this vacuum in the labor market. Programmers make changes in bigger sectors, regardless of whether they are hospitals, enterprises or simply everyday commutes. The easy public access is a consequence of the efforts of programmers across the globe.

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