How could we offer a bright future for kids with game development?

You may concerned about your children’s eyes and mental health because of their increased exposure to the blue screen. The issues that have been expressed in this regard are enormous. And a large portion of this fear stems from children’s enjoyment of a wide range of video games. Children do love playing video games and it’s not the best idea to stop them completely from doing it. Often, most parents see video gaming as something that leaves no good for their children. But, contrary to some most popular beliefs, video games can bring in a whole bunch of value to your kids.

Turn your child’s game interest into something useful

You already know that your child enjoys playing games. Then, why don’t you just turn that particular interest of your child into something useful to them? Wondering how to go about it? Well, the answer is pretty simple. 

Game development, a path filled with opportunities

Developing valuable skills like analytical and problem-solving skills from a very young age opens a door of opportunities in front of your child. Talking about the career options this domain offers, someone who has a great interest in gaming will have an option to be a Game Designer, Game Programmer, Games Animator, Games Interpreters, Game Play Testers, and much more.

Gaming products and the future

A majority of the big tech companies around the world have already started developing gaming products. Yes, you heard it right. The biggest testament to this is Apple releasing its game subscription service. 

Talking about the other initiatives by huge tech companies, Stadia, launched by Google allows users to stream major game titles directly from the Cloud instead of making game addicts download the game for a physical console. Twitch by Amazon could be the next big game streaming service. 

Gaming – An industry that can bring a lot of monetary benefits

The gaming industry is relatively fresh and the opportunities & its potential are huge. This makes it a unique industry, thereby, offering enormous amounts of revenue for people who are into video game designing and development. Obviously, everything depends on the skills, expertise, and experience o the individual. Yet, all the factors boil down to the interests and exposure gained by an individual from a young age. And this is exactly why we offer a fully-fledged Game Development Course For Kids. This course is specially designed to fit into your child’s interest while helping them learn something new and useful along the way. The course will let your child explore the world of game development at their own pace through games and other interesting activities. 

Kids will gain multiple tech skills along the way

Yes, you heard it right. Children will acquire multiple useful tech skills along the way if they choose to learn game development from the basics. Anyone who takes up this career path is exposed to various tech concepts, which they will be compelled to learn. A game designer, for example, will need to grasp the fundamentals of computer science. Besides that, they will be compelled to acquire skills in art and design. This will be a fantastic addition to their repertoire. . The point we wish to put out in front of you is that one doesn’t need to be a master in all these disciplines to crack a job role for a game designer or developer. Instead, they can be familiar with just one skill at the beginning, and then develop other important skills on the way. 

Kids love gaming. But, how to make them adore game design?

If we look closely into it, there isn’t any particular university that offers a well-structured course in game design. And, talking about the schools that support children in learning such skills, it’s literally a handful of them. This is precisely why Cyber Square: AI and Coding Courses for Kids was created. In this program, we offer multiple coding courses that will be delivered to children in such a way that they’re playing games while learning. Also, we specifically offer a course on JavaScript game development for kids. 

The courses like these just require the kid to be a lover of games and not necessarily an avid coder. The training will provide children with the opportunity to study the essentials of game creation, such as game world comprehension, storytelling, gameplay, user experience, game technology, and basic programming for children.

Through the process, the children will be introduced to visual coding concepts and the basics of programming. We’ll teach them how to use visual coding to draw shapes, how to make flowcharts, and how to make their own game. T They will have the opportunity to learn about the sublime text editor, HTML tags, HTML editors, how to create visual coding windows, CSS principles, and how to modify visual coding HTML sites using CSS.

The youngster will also learn how to make a JavaScript calculator, how to make a web page, how to add JS to an HTML page, JavaScript message boxes, JavaScript syntax, comments, conditional expressions, and JavaScript loops and functions. They will also learn how to create visual coding applications and fun games using JavaScript, and how to host them.

A platform that can help kids have a brighter future

In this digital age, tons of applications and systems work solely to support kids. There are systems built to entertain kids, teach kids something related to their academics, teach something that develops their brains, and more. Out of them, many applications exist to specifically pick activities that children love and turn them into something that fosters their analytical skills. 

Cyber Square is one such platform that is built to help children discover and excel in a path that they’re interested in. We offer live one-on-one coding sessions filled with a lot of fun activities for children. Through these courses, we introduce them to world programming and the treasure trove of opportunities. 

So, if you are someone searching for game development courses for children, feel free to connect with us. 

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