Top Reasons Why Coding is Important for Kids

To be irreplaceable, one must be willing to learn and adapt to the new ways of the world. As technology advances and finds new grounds to flourish on, we have a responsibility to equip our children with the necessary skills so that they too, can steed through and take part in this efflorescence. 

Even during the pandemic, most businesses were only able to sustain themselves because of this revolution in technology. If they had not adopted the norms of using Zoom, Skype, and other platforms for implementing a work from home approach, the businesses would have simply collapsed. This is the stronghold of technology, the ability to be efficient in its implementation and all the while being especially convenient. 

This is one of the reasons why programming is considered the most important skill of the 21st century. The world we live in is looking towards automation and ease of access. From building hybrid aeroplanes to electric cars to even massage chairs, it is the role of a programmer to make the sphere we live in; sustainable and easier. 

Programming is just like any other life skill; it takes time to learn and practice to master. This is why coding for kids has become such a trending topic in recent years. Having early exposure to coding can greatly impact the thought process of a child with regard to technology and grow an understanding of how a computer processes commands and functions based on the user input. It also obviously gives them enough time to learn programming through trial and error.    

Along with this, there are several other benefits of learning to code at a young age. We will discuss some of them down below.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills and Creativity

Programming essentially is finding solutions to problems using creativity. This can range from the innovation that is required to build software, to finding solutions to faults in your code. Learning to code can develop an ability for systemic thinking in the mind of a child. This can help them to understand concepts and ideas in a holistic manner, they will learn to recognize patterns and how one element can be connected to another. This skill they learn can aid them dramatically in real-life decision-making and finding effective solutions to problems. 

Coding can also help children to foster creativity in the minds of the child. Just like puzzles and other brain games, coding can also help children in developing a sense of creativity. Programming is not simply getting from point A to point B, it is finding the best possible path to travel. This type of structure can force the children to think out of the box which in turn can help them to feed their creativity from a young age. 

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Better Jobs in the Future

The world is working towards automation and every company worth their salt is chiming in on it. Machine learning and accessibility are what allow businesses to remain productive; which in turn can keep them afloat. For this, the role of a programmer is crucial; they are the ones who design and implement the ideas for these corporations. Every prominent sector like healthcare, business, and education are all starting to implement Artificial Intelligence in their spectrum to provide better services while sustaining a good margin of profit. 

Big Data is another key factor that is detrimental for businesses in the future. Big Data essentially is a conglomerate of a huge chunk of user data that is put out from their devices; for example, your watch history from YouTube and Netflix, search history from Google, Amazon, and any other shopping site are all considered as a part of big data. This data is used by companies to understand their user base and provide for them better or target their products to the desired user base.

A real-life example of big data being used for commercialization is a product that you recently searched for in a shopping website popping up as an advertisement while you scroll through Facebook or Instagram. Google uses this Big Data in their service called “personalized ads”. 

Companies that are not even related to technology also use big data to analyze and predict the behavior of customers. This is why job opportunities for programmers in corporations will boom in the future. It is the role of a programmer to develop the Hadoop applications for the same and they are responsible for the actual coding of the program. 

Helps Children in Their Academic Performance

As we know, learning to code can also have a secondary impact on the lives of young minds. Children, as a result of learning to write and execute code, will develop a pattern of thinking in an organized manner, this pattern of thinking can be of utmost importance in the case of writing and expressing themselves through literature. Coding can also help them in developing their STEM skills and concepts as well. 

In the case of mathematics, children who are familiar with the concept of coding and executing will have visual reinforcement when they attempt math problems. They will be able to understand abstract concepts much better when they grow older and start learning harder concepts in maths like algebra and calculus. 

Lastly, as we discussed at the beginning of the article, early exposure to technology as a result of learning to program can help them to keep in touch with the trends in technology, which can be of spiffing importance to them in the future. 

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