Best Coding Games for Kids

It is claimed that playing helps toddlers and adults learn more effectively. Ideas and experiences that we are exposed to through activities that we enjoy tend to stick with us. Think about it, even if you have forgotten most of the things that you have studied in your primary classes, there is a high chance that you still remember the roles and guidelines of the games that you played with your friends during your leisure time. This is the basic foundation on which coding games for children are designed and produced with.

There is no better way to engage a child with something programming related than through games and activities; the benefit of this method is that the children wouldn’t even feel like they are studying. The programming exposure that they receive will come out as an unconscious result of their conscious action of playing games. Coding games not only help the children in developing fundamentals of coding and computational thinking but also brings in them a spirit of developing video games and programs of their own; this is what makes coding games, the premier solution for teaching kids coding. 

There are a lot of coding games for kids which are set in a fun and creative manner; today we will  cover some of them down below;


Scratch by MIT is one of the most widely used coding games available, made for children between the ages of 8 and 16. The software brings a gamified approach to learning the early concepts of coding. The children can design various animations, games and stories that they can later share with a community of like-minded people. Scratch uses a familiar presentation that children can easily develop a liking to. Scratch uses coding blocks that children can move around easily, to complete their code or build their programs. 

To get a better idea of scratch we can take the example of a scratch game in which the player is required to perform a specific line of code in order to pass a mission. When children are expected to encounter such challenges, it is more likely that they will remember the code that they executed in the back of their minds so that if the need comes, they’ll be prepared to use the code in the upcoming levels of the game.

Scratch is an easily accessible platform that requires no installation. It can be initiated and used directly through a web browser.


It is an open-source application that can be used by children above the age of eight for learning the fundamentals of programming.  It can be learned by kids who have no prior coding knowledge. The games work in a block-based manner similar to Scratch, in which the players are expected to move the blocks containing lines of code and drop them onto the screen. What’s even better is that the children will be able to create their own programs and try them on almost immediately even before they learn to write legible codes of their own. The blocks that they use to write the codes turns into mainstream programming languages such as Python, Java etc. 

This is one of the reasons why the program is famous among the Minecraft community and why millions of young learners resort to it. The program helps children to develop an ability that every programmer must-have in the long run; which is systemic thinking. When their code fails to function, the children can easily replace it with something else and learn through trial and error. This helps them to realize that each element in a code is linked with each other and they must all be holistically rather than individually.


CodeCombat is a role-playing game that helps to teach the fundamentals of programming concepts. The game is designed for youngsters aged 9 to 16. Learners will be introduced to a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript and Python. The learners will be exposed to various programming languages like JavaScript, Python, etc. This one is a little more advanced than the previous coding games. The players can move their characters around and use their abilities by writing codes using real programming languages.

It is made like any other RPG game, filled with fantasy, action and puzzles. But the only exception being, instead of using directional commands through mouse and keyboard, the players must write lines of code to control their character. The game is extremely interesting with its introduction of fantasy and lore and typical RPG elements. As the levels in the game increase, so does the difficulty. This is where the game can act as a fascinating platform to test out the coding skills of young minds. 

The game is very accessible; being a free to play browser-based game, you can get started with a few strokes and clicks.


It’s a coding game that lets you create your own games. The software’s interface is comparable to Scratch, which makes it appealing to young minds. The visual style and gameplay are similar to other child favorite games like Super Mario, Dave, etc. Stencyl allows users to create 2D video games that can be played on computers, mobiles and on websites. Games created in the software can be exported to other devices.

The players are expected to use the drag and drop technique used to arrange blocks containing lines of code to form a legible code. Stencyl is a powerful tool that can be used to create any program that the child wishes to create with the aid of block-based coding assistance.

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